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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Nestled away in the depths of Oval, London, behind a inconspicuous shopfront labelled ‘FF,’ you’ll find one of the last remaining independent Fetish shops left in London (if not, the world). Welcome to

As part of the Fetish Closet remit to steer away from throw-away Fetish gear, and to support the businesses that got us to where we are today, please stop by the next time you’re in the area to say hello (but, ideally to by something too).

I popped in the other day, and in spite of sweating profusely over his pristine store, and being so indecisive to the point of annoying myself, Jonathan was happy to help as ever.

Rubber, leather, toys, accessories, repairs (and you can even special order items), if you haven’t already paid a visit, for shame!

I bought my very first piece of ‘proper’ gear from there, and today it is still my favourite item: my Muir Cap.

Muir Cap from Fetish Freak

Huge selection of toys and accessories

FF is up and running again post-COVID-19, and the store is looking better than I’ve ever seen it.

This is not a sponsored or affiliated post. I like Fetish Freak and I want to see it continue for a long time to come.

Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0)207 091 0031 Address: 76 Bolton Crescent, Oval, London, SE5 0SE (don’t forget your facemask!)

(N.B. Don’t forget to ask about the ‘Jizz Pants’)


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