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  • Outlet Restock & Fast Shipping

    The FC Outlet has been updated for 2022 and now features rare, vintage and pre-loved gear exclusively. The drop-shipping items have all been removed which means anything you buy will ship much faster. If you need an item ASAP, there are now same day shipping and collection options for delivery addresses in central London. See the shipping information page for more information.

  • New Look Site and Shop Coming Soon

    Keep your eyes on Facebook and Instagram too.

  • Fetish Freak – OPEN FOR BUSINESS

    Nestled away in the depths of Oval, London, behind a inconspicuous shopfront labelled ‘FF,’ you’ll find one of the last remaining independent Fetish shops left in London (if not, the world). Welcome to Fetish Freak. As part of the Fetish Closet remit to steer away from throw-away Fetish gear, and to support the businesses that got us to where we are today, please stop by the next time you’re in the area to say hello (but, ideally to by something too). I popped in the other day, and in spite of sweating profusely over his pristine store, and being so indecisive to the point of annoying myself, Jonathan was happy to help as ever. Rubber, leather, toys, accessories, repairs (and you can even special order items), if you haven’t already paid a visit, for shame! I bought my very first piece of ‘proper’ gear from there, and today it is still my favourite item: my Muir Cap. Muir Cap from Fetish Freak Huge selection of toys and accessories FF is up and running again post-COVID-19, and the store is looking better than I’ve ever seen it. This is not a sponsored or affiliated post. I like Fetish Freak and I want to see it continue for a long time to come. Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0)207 091 0031 Address: 76 Bolton Crescent, Oval, London, SE5 0SE (don’t forget your facemask!) Facebook Twitter Instagram (N.B. Don’t forget to ask about the ‘Jizz Pants’) #brand #fetishfreak #london #retailer

  • How to… wear a Jockstrap to look its best

    There are a myriad of styles and types of Jockstrap around. But none will ever surpass the classic. Here’s how to wear it. How To… Wear a Jockstrap

  • BARGAIN £19.99 Heavy Chain from Amazon

    It’s a bike lock! Wherever you buy it, whatever the brand, whether you were given it, or whether you have the key for one you gave away; ultimately it is a chain and a lock. It doesn’t have to be expensive. If, like me, you don’t want to have to explain to the team at B&Q why you want a neck-sized bit of chain, this is probably the next best option. For £19.99, it does the job perfectly. It came with 4 keys, and it’s on Amazon Prime so it came next day. Get yours here. Instagram Post For those of you that came here from Instagram, were you right? Or do you know of a better deal? Let us know using the form below. Name * Email * Message * Submit #amazon #collar #fetish #amazonprime #accessory #bdsm #fetishgear #bargain #chain #deal #fetishaccessory

  • Vickstitch Custom Wrestling Gear Review

    Like most of the things that I end up buying, it started out with me seeing someone else wearing it, the wearer making it look effortlessly cool, followed by the 4 year old in my head demanding that I get one too so that I too may be as cool as he! In this case, it was wrestling trunks (think Hulk Hogan circa forever). Until now, I'd only ever had wrestling singlets and it had never occurred to branch out. But branch out, I did. I started with the usual trawl through the budget sites, and then eBay, and Amazon, etc. But I soon discovered that there are precious few places which sell genuine* wrestling trunks. Swimwear and underwear are ten a penny, but actual wrestling trunks? No. (* high on the leg, with a thick side profile, waist high, no waist-band (this is outerwear!) and material which is thick and hard-wearing) My search eventually led me to Vickstitch: Custom Wrestling Wear. They make wrestling gear for the sport of Pro Wrestling and have done since 2013. So rather than a cheap imitation, I ordered a pair from a company who knows a thing or two about this type of gear. I had to take a couple of measurements (yaassss, Hunny, Made. To. Measure!) picked the fabric I wanted and paid (prices start around £25, I paid £30). I had a small problem figuring out how to select my fabric, but the response from Facebook came quickly and it was sorted easily. It took a couple of weeks to arrive, but this was mid-COVID lockdown, so wrestling matches were few and far between, and compared to Wish it's still Warp-Speed. And couldn't be happier with the resulting item (in spite of what my wrestler-demeanour might say). It fits wonderfully (Made. To. Measure!) and there's even draw strings around the legs for those without such girthy pins. They feel much more robust than any underwear too, and I will be buying more. They do a myriad of styles and customisation options including logos, stripes and initials, as well as singlets, biker shorts, leggings and women's wrestling attire. Orders can be placed via their website, although they recommend contacting them via Facebook if you have a specific question, but have all the usual socials.

  • July 2020 Killer Lewks

    OnWednesdaysWeWearPink 01st July 2020 OnWednesdaysWeWearPink 08th July 2020

  • #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink – July 15th 2020

    Link to Twitter Link to Twitter Link to Twitter “Who are you wearing?” Bikini-type thong from AliExpress, expertly modelled by Twitter Celen @Bricklayer1001 Buy it here.

  • How To… Take Care Of Rubberwear

    If you own any rubber fetishwear – whether it be a thong or a full-body neck-entry cat suit – and you want it to last longer than its first use, this is the infographic for you. The Fetish Closet (IG: Fetish Closet) has joined forces with the @RubberVikingBastard to bring you this handy infographic on keeping your rubber clothing in tip-top condition. How To… Take Care of your Rubberwear with @RubberVikingBastard #rubberfetish #latexfetish #fetish #rubber #latexwear #rubberwear #latex #howto

  • BARGAIN – £4.80 – Tanga Bikni Briefs from AliExpress

    Click picture to go to AliEpress page Click picture to go to AliEpress page Ordinarily, as a budget brand with glacial shipping, AliExpress shouldn’t feature in the deals pages. But they arrived in 6 days with this item, so they get a pass. I first saw these on @musclelifecoach2.0 on Instagram and thought they looked kind cool. Then I found them on AliExpress – £9.60 total (£3.94 per pair + postage = £4.80 each) and they arrived in 6 DAYS! Loads more colours. These are large and I have a 34/36 waist. Buy them here. Link broken? Let us know in the form below. Name * Email * Message * Submit

  • RETAILER-Fetishwear on a Budget – WHERE TO SHOP

    The Purple Splat. We’ve all used them before, and they all operate slightly differently. They all have these three things in common: They’re cheap They’re slow There’s a good chance that what you received won’t be what was advertised Here’s a list of some of the best ones. Is there an app or site we should add to this page? Let us know using the form below. Name * Email * Message * Submit #deals

  • BARGAIN – £3.70 – Bulge Pouch Underpants

    Front Back There were bought on the spare of the moment, assuming that they would take an AliExpress month (approximately half an Ice Age) to arrive. But as per the rules of the Bargains section, I don’t promote the budget-sites here. I bought them on a Thursday evening and was pleasantly surprised when they showed up the following Tuesday, and even more surprised to find that… I liked them. Lord knows what they’re made from, but I don’t really care. They’re soft on my bottom and shiny. The low and wide cut around the back gives a nice, round ass shape and thin waist means you’re showing a lot without having to show a lot. For £3.70 (price fluctuates a little with colour and quantity), this is a bargain. #ebay

  • #OnWednesdaysWeWearPRIDE: July 1st 2020

    “Who are you wearing?” No Shame Rainbow Unicorn Tee from Unapologaytic – £24.99 Comfy Thong Aqua from 4-Hunks – 19.99 EUR (If you have not bought from 4-Hunks before, start here to open an account) #PinkWednesday #4hunks #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink #Pink #unicorn #thong #prideapparel #pride #Manthong

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