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Nasty Pig Accelerator Singlet Review

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

The world of fetish wrestling singlets has become increasingly crowded over the last couple of years. We’re no longer just talking about the Lycra onesies we grew up watching (ogling) every time the Olympics rolled around. We’re talking styles, fabrics, patterns, cut-outs, wipe-or-not-wipe clean, price points, labels, hanky references, and all the other confusion that goes along with gay fashions. Here, I’ll be shedding a little light on one of Nasty Pig's offerings: The Accelerator Singlet.

First off: whatcha spendin’? The Accelerator drops in at a whacking RP R£145.99. I literally can’t recall having seen a more expensive singlet that wasn't a collector's item (although Mr S. came pretty close with their FuckGear singlet; my favourite of all time).

So, what are you getting for your money?As I’ve come to expect from Nasty Pig's older lines especially; it’s very well made. Double stitched, lined, and it's clear that a lot of time and development has gone into the pattern they used so it actually fits your lumbar curve (cheaper singlets rarely do that). The material is a rubber-esq “Rubber Fabric” (not a million miles away from the Mr S. Leather Fuckgear one) and is specifically designed to mimic rubber without all the hassle that goes into putting it on. And further to the argument that NP put money into development, unlike last year’s Contrast singlet which had problems with the print coming off the fabric, the colour pattern on the Accelerator is printed into the fabric, not layered over the top.

Accelerator Singlet Lumbar Hug

Nasty Pig Accelerator Singlet Lumbar
Nasty Pig Accelerator Singlet Review

However, what you’re really buying here is the brand. It’s the "two Fendi purses and a silver Lexus" of the singlet world (if you don’t get that reference, you need to leave immediately). When you’re wearing this, you’re telling the whole room that you are wearing an expensive Nasty Pig singlet - everyone knows it and what of it?!

The garment isn’t hugely practical; it’s essentially identical in cut to a traditional singlet, which - while super-hot - means you have to take the whole thing off in order to reach your necessary areas for sex. But if I spent £150 on a singlet, that thing is staying in a locked safe with 24hr armed escort. ‘Wipe clean’ is great, but not if the only thing you have to wipe off is dust.

If you want something more rough and ready to play, get something from STUD or Fetish Gear (or an older Nasty Pig singlet which is now on sale and still has your size); but essentially it’s something you won’t mind getting the odd tear in. If you want to walk the rug at a fetish event or just turn heads before taking it off before it gets ripped; get the Accelerator.

Nasty Pig Accelerator Singlet (Buy it here)

Nasty Pig Accelerator Singlet
Nasty Pig Singlet Review


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