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Rules of Filth

The 10 Commandments

1. Don’t like it? Take it off.

The number one rule of Fetishwear is that no one has to wear anything they don’t like or don’t feel comfortable in.

Do you feel sexy in that? No? Then remove the garment!

2. No Judgements.

No one holds the high-ground when it comes to Fetishwear. No-one’s kink is better or worse than anyone else’s. You like what you like, and you are entitled to do so.

The line is drawn where the law stops you or where it negatively impacts someone else without their consent. It is not drawn at anyone’s opinion. If they don’t like it, that’s fine, they don’t have to join in.

3. Keep your opinions to yourself.

Only give your opinion on someone else’s Fetishwear when it is specifically asked for. Until then “do you like it?”, “you look great” and “I think I left the oven on” are the only acceptable responses.

4. It’s OK to say ‘No,’

I don’t care what any particular scene or subculture does or doesn’t do. You don’t interfere with anyone’s ability to say ‘No.’

(Unless it’s a Dom/sub thing but that’s a whole other website)

5. Consent is never implied.

Consent is given, it is never assumed.

Ask to touch, ask to take a picture, it's just good manners. Unless the thing you’re asking for is a smack.

6. Confidence is King.

The best thing in your Fetishwear bag: confidence.

Wear it. Own it. Work it.

7. We are a community.

We are here to support each other. Fetish is Fetish. We’re all fighting the same battle. Remember that.

8. Be helpful.

Fetish subcultures can be daunting places. If you have the ability to make someone feel more comfortable, or to help them fit in: do it.

9. Fetish changes. Get over it.

Just like fashion, technology, your age, the people presenting your favourite TV show, music, and literally everything ever! Fetish changes. Get over it!

'Different' doesn’t mean it's 'worse.' But you moaning about it definitely means you're a boring wanker.

10. Have fun.

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. This is a hobby. No one is here to win the Nobel Prize in thongs.

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