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COMPARISON REVIEW – Jockthongs – Andrew Christian vs. Maojiang

Unlike the last Comparison Review, one of the products is not a knock-off design. Mr Maojiang has tried very, very hard in making his underwear and will get the credit (links) that he deserves.

Today I’m looking at the Jock-Thong again. After the scathing review which STUD was given, I’ve been in search of more because – quite honestly – I’m still unfathomably obsessed by them.

STUD was a dud in its review!

In the black corner we have the Andrew Christian Sheer Jock Thong from

And in the red corner we have Mens Underwear Sexy Sports Leotard Jumpsuit Fetish Boxer Briefs Jockstrap Thongs from eBay (their title, not mine).

Round 1: At a Glance

There’s no denying that the Andrew Christian is better sign-posted as designer and looks well designed (as designer underwear tends to be).

The Maojiang fares well. I’m not in love with its particular shade of red (although there are 7 more shades that it comes in if you prefer) and it has a sightly misshapen pouch, but otherwise is not bad at all if all you’re after is a locker-room look.

Round 2: Fabric and workmanship

Thankfully, neither of these items are billed as athletic wear of any sort.

With its sheer fabric and thin bands, Andrew Christian has pinned its colours firmly to aesthetics, so let’s not push it out of its comfort zone.

The polyester nightmare doesn’t do much better, but is structurally more robust. There is, however, an odd overlap of material down the middle (yes, that middle) which was noticeable; the sort of design flaw that another round of development would have gotten rid of.

I’ll report back again after I’ve gone for a jog in both.

Round 3: Cut and Fit

Andrew Christian has opted for a more traditional style jock with the straps around the legs, while Maojiang is a cutout. As a personal preference, I like the AC more because it looked better on me (… said the label whore), but that won’t be the case for everyone.

If you’ve got a bum you want to look bigger, get the AC. If you’ve got a bum you want to make look smaller, get the MJ.

Beyond that, the Maojiang cuts a kind of heart shape, and the Andrew Christian is more or less see-through, catering to both ends of the Valentine’s spectrum.

Round 4: Price

It’s no surprise that in terms of price the Andrew Christian came in £23.25 and the Maojiang at £4.69. As soon as the Pit Crew (and, of course, Brit Crew) start wearing Maojiang’s finest, then it might be able to justify a higher price.

With I paid an extra pound on delivery and it came the next working day, whereas with eBay, I believe it was about 2 or 3 lifetimes before it arrived. I honestly cant’ remember. Long. It took ages. I could have cycled to China to get it faster.

And the winner is…

The Andrew Christian looks and feels more expensive (it should, it is) and is by far the nicer of the two. Maojiang is perfectly fine, so long as you don’t look at it or feel it, and they do make a slightly nicer-looking version which is let down by being made of the same so-so pattern – and if they delivered faster, the nicer version would have been the one under review.


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