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Harnesses (types of)

Black Leather Bulldog Harness

Rainbow Stretch Harness from AliExpress

The harness started life as a piece of leather gear which sections of the gay community had used to separate themselves from the assumption that gays were feminine.

As a hugely important and iconic bit of kit – not to mention, incredibly hot – the harness has hung around for generations, and spawned many iterations of its own.

The Bulldog Harness / H-Front Harness

The most recognisable style of harness and most popular. Comes in a myriad of styles and colours. (Read our ‘How To…‘ guide on how to wear yours)

Mister B Sling Harness

Sling Harness / Cross-Back Harness / Sport Harness

This style is a little more subtle, but just as functional (in terms of its hold-on-ability). It’s also easier to wear and – for the furry chested – less likely to get hairs caught.

Cross-Front Harness

This style meets at the front in – surprise, surprise – and X shape. These can be troublesome to wear if they don’t fit your body shape well and arguably not as flattering as the Bulldog.

Mr S. Leather suspenders

Suspenders / Braces

While technically not a type of harness, when worn without a shirt the effect is the same.

Mr S. Leather Cross Body Leather Harness + Cellblock 13 Neoprene Legion Jock

Body Harness / Cross-Body Harness

The body harness is designed to attach at the waist and comes in bulldog, sling and suspender versions pic is of a Bulldog style body harness). Also comes in a variety of materials, some of which fasten under the legs rather than at the waist.

Asymmetrical Harness

There are a plethora of other names for this style: Gladiator, Trojan, Tri-harness, Three-point. Whatever the name, the asymmetrical harness is becoming more popular as tastes broaden.

Stretch Harness

Made of fabric and cut to mimic the shape of a Bulldog Harness, but at a fraction of the cost. When you have to wear it for hours at a time in hot conditions, this is often preferable to leather.

The harness has become so ubiquitous that making a list of suppliers is an impossible task. So below, is a gallery of my favourites.


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