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J is for Jockstrap (Jock)

Vintage Bike Jockstrap

The jockstrap (or ‘jock’) is a piece of sporting equipment to be appropriated by gay culture. Originally it was designed to keep the junk of bicycle jockeys secure as they rode cobble streets of Boston. It is here that we derive the familiar sounding Bike Jockey Strap.

Fun Fact: International Jockstrap Appreciation Day falls on May 1st

In a predictably crass move by the gay community, we liked it because your bum is out! There’s also a certain reference point to authority and athleticism. But mostly, it’s the bum thing.

Nasty Pig Competition Cap, Jock and Sock line

The original Bike jocks – now under manufacture by MM – will always be considered the classic and best design, there are now a vast array of syles, colours and fabrics from which to choose.

Have a look at the Brands page to find a maker or a stockist that you like, or click here for a How to… guide on wearing your jock.

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