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Updated: Aug 9, 2023


Krown Jewelz Underwear

I figured it was time to wave my review wand at a small company making decent, well-made products, rather than another £4 disaster from Wish. And who better than Krown-JEWELZ UNDERWEAR; a British company, founded in 2010 by Shaun Carrington.

The idea behind KJU was to create hand-crafted garments that were: 1) well made, 2) made with decent material, and 3) looked good.

It sounds like hitting those three targets shouldn’t be all that difficult. But I’ll refer again to this Wish mess as the polar opposite of this ethos: badly made, with cheap material, that I couldn’t wait to take off and burn.

I’ve followed Krown-JEWELZ on Instagram for a long time, ever since he featured a friend of mine, Colton Long aka, Teddy Bryce (#namedrop) and I’d tried on a pair of Colton’s.

Colton had a KJU tan bikini that I loved, so I decided to get my own.

First step was to contact Shaun, who you can contact him via email at or through his Instagram‘s DMs. After I’d explained what I thought I wanted, he talked me through the different styles, fabrics and cuts. A few exchanges later and we landed on a ‘Nude Swim Bikini.’

A few days later: it arrived!

This is the first bespoke piece of clothing I think I’ve ever owned, so Even the feel of the fabric is a step above, but the whole thing is – as you’d expect – extremely well put together. No loose stitches or wonky seams.

Truth be told, I wasn’t exactly sure how to wear it and couldn’t get it to sit properly. Shaun was very happy to help show me how this kind of specific swimwear should be worn, and ( a mere 3 photo-shoots later) I was happy with the result.

Shaun even offered for me to send it back to him and have it altered free of charge when I thought it might be the wrong size for me (it wasn’t, I was wearing it wrong).

Nude Swim Bikini

The final price I paid was £30, which – for a made-to-measure piece – I think is incredible. I have bought worse quality clothes, from much bigger retailers for much more money. And none of them offered to alter it for me.

Other than swimwear, Krown-JEWELZ also make thongs and jockstraps, briefs and boxers, and singlets and body-jocks. KJU has now also moved into stagewear for physique competitors and bodybuilders.

As a customer you can place orders from the collection shown here and on his social media, but still have the option to replace colours and choose prints to your liking.

I’ve already placed an order for my next one.


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