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REVIEW – Tackiest Swimsuit on Earth

Who doesn’t want that message on all their clothing?!

Terrible stitching

Yawn! Boring front.

Zip will unzip itself without warning.

Zip it back! ZIP IT BACK!

No one was looking for it, but I somehow managed to find it! I give you: The Tackiest swim suit on Earth.

For a grand total of £5.95 and a calendar month to ship, I am now the proud owner of this… thing.

If you like your swimwear badly made, with a gimmick that doesnt work or make sense, which has a shamefully in-bad-taste-message on the ass (even for me!), look no further!

If this item has two things going for it, it’s that 1. the pattern they used is ok. It fits me. And 2. I like black and pink.

Otherwise, the stitching is wonky, the zip goes all of three inches to reveal the bit you could just as easily see see on any plumber, the zip sometimes stays up, sometimes doesn’t (we just don’t know), and sometimes it will just pop open. I’m not even sure “One Way” makes sense. If it’s an anal-sex joke, surely the message should be “two way,” no? Grief.

It’s the perfect gift for the man you hate! Buy it here!


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