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W is for Wrestling Singlet

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There’s a lot to cover with wrestling singlets: cut, fabric, use, etc. All the major bases are covered below.

The Classic Cut


N2N Bodywear

Strength Shop

These look and feel just like the originals. One of the above is.

Drop Neck Cut

Maskulo Armoured

Debrief Boys

Unbranded Amazon

These are still a classic cut, which fetish designers will take to the extreme to allow easy access at the front.

Assless / Back-Zippered

Unbranded eBay


Locker Gear

Do I need to explain what this is for?

Codpiece / Front Zippered

Slickitup Vintage

Mr S. Leather

STUD Wear It Proud

Cheap and Cheerful

None of these were more than £10. Some are better than others, but they usually end up on the floor anyway,

Butcher’s Cut / Leotard

Brave Person (white)

Tiger Heat Productions

Expensive and Showy

Nasty Pig Accelerator Wrestling Singlet

None of these were more than £10. Some are better than others, but they usually end up on the floor anyway,

Material Specific

Neoprene – from Titus

Rubber – from Regulation

Cotton – from N2N

Sometimes scene-specific (like leather or rubber). Sometimes a necessity – don’t wear a cotton singlet to a club!

Which singlet should you get? Click here for your buyer’s guide.

Singlet Stockists

Singlet Stockists

  1. 665 Inc.

  2. AD Fetish

  3. Addicted

  4. Andrew Christian

  5. Aussiebum

  6. Barcode Berlin

  7. Bodyaware

  8. Boxer Barcelona

  9. Brave Person

  10. Breedwell

  11. Bum-Chums

  12. Cellblock 13

  13. C-IN2

  14. CODE22

  15. deBrief Boys|

  16. ES Collection

  17. Fetish Gear

  18. Gruffpup

  19. Jeffrey Scott

  20. Jockmail

  21. LED Queens

  22. Marco Marco

  23. Maskulo

  24. Mr S. Leather

  25. Modus Vivendi

  26. Nasty Pig

  27. N2N

  28. Slickitup

  29. STUD

  30. Teamm8

  31. Tigerheat Productions

  32. Timoteo

  33. Vickstitch

  1. Ali Express

  2. Amazon

  3. Clonezone

  4. ebay

  5. Fetch

  6. Fetish Freak

  7. International Jock

  8. Prowler and Prowler Red

  9. Topgay

  10. Vocla

  11. Wish

Bespoke Singlet Manufacturer

  1. Jeffrey Scott

  2. Krown Jewelz Underwear

  3. Tigerheat Productions

  4. Vick Stitch

Have we missed something? A brand or a stockist we should have here? Let us know with the form below.

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